In addition to its social responsibility and ethical values, our company acts in compliance with the applicable labor safety laws and the regulations stipulated by these laws. In addition to legal regulations to protect the rights of employees, we ensure the rights of our employees are protected by our managers in every stage of our activities.


The principal objectives of the Human Resources Policy are to ensure that:

  • All employees are selected, and recruited into the organisation, based upon their attitude, skill, competency, and aptitude.
  • Management philosophies and practies promote and encourage motivation and retention of the best employees.
  • The employment relationships are based on mutual trust, fairness and equality of opportunity for all.
  • The dignity of all employees is respected by their managers and fellow employees.
  • No employee is subjected to discrimination or intimidation of any kind.
  • All employees are trained to carry out their role competently, in compliance with relevant legislation & guidance, & are supported to develop to their full potential.
  • Compensation and reward mechanisms are designed to motivate all employees to work towards the achievement of Corporate and Individual goals.
  • Communications between management, employee representatives and individuals are mutually accepted as open and honest.


At ALTACA our workforce is one of our biggest assets so we continually aim to attract, promote and develop the best people for our team to maintain the high quality service for our customers and clients.

If you are interested in finding out about vacancies at ALTACA please send your Resume with a Cover Letter to