The first unit of the integrated system at the Gonen Renewable Energy Complex consists of a state of the art biogas plant. Our biogas plant, which achieves the highest capacity utilization rate in Turkey, both generates electricity and produces raw materials for the CatLiq and Organic Fertilizer Plants.


Plant Data:

• Electricity generation capacity: 3.7 MW

• Capacity factor: 95%

• Number of reactors: 3

• Number of gas engines: 3

• Working principle: Thermophilic

• Desulfurization unit: Bacteriological

• Working period: 7 days / 24 hours


Plant raw materials (inputs):

• Poultry farm waste

• Cattle waste

• Rice stems and rice husk

• Caustic dairy plant wastes

• Slaughterhouse waste

• Yeast factory wastes

• Other organic industrial wastes