We see the environment as our most precious treasure and we believe that it should be best protected for future generations. For this, we take the following principles into account in all our work and never compromise:


  • Meet relevant environmental and energy legislation requirements and go beyond them if possible.
  • Continuously improve environmental and energy management systems.
  • Minimize waste, prevent pollution at the source, and use energy efficiently.
  • Protect the environment from all kinds of negative effects and spread this principle to our environment, country and the world.
  • Identify and reduce risks for environmental emergencies.
  • Raise awareness of our employees about environmental issues and efficient use of energy.
  • Provide human resources, technology and financial resources necessary for the most efficient use of energy and increase the energy performance of our facilities.
  • Raise awareness, and encourage our suppliers and stakeholders, on the green economy and energy efficiency studies.
  • Prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise.
  • Reduce use of packaging, ensure that any packaging can be recycled and reused.
  • Control and minimize environmental factors related to new products to be produced, or new processes and activities to be developed in the future, always preferring energy efficient technologies and applications in our new investments.