Biogas plants are constructed using different technologies according to the planned purpose. The classification of biogas plants, as per their digester capacity, is as follows:

  •  Family type: 6 - 12 m3
  •  Farm type: 50 - 100 / 150 m3
  •  Village type: 100 - 200 m3
  •  Industrial scale plants: 1,000 - 10,000 m3

Family type biogas plants are widely used in China, especially in rural areas. In most plants, other than family type small ones, heating of the environment in which biogas is formed (digester) is required for optimum biogas production. In the production of biogas, the ambient temperature should be around 35°C. In order to provide heat control in biogas plants, the most practical and widely used system is hot water coils installed inside the digester.


It is very important to correctly identify:

  • Quantity of raw materials
  • Type and properties of raw materials
  • Heating requirements
  • Mixing requirements
  • Type of materials and equipment to be used
  • Location of the plant
  • Construction and insulation of the digesters
  • Heating and operating conditions of the facility
  • Storage and distribution of biogas
  • Transportation of biogas
  • Utilization of digestate