The CatLiq Technology was invented by SCF Technologies, founded in 2003 by the 4 scientist owners who had been developing this and other critical technologies. SCF Technologies was listed in 2006 and its shares began to be traded on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in 2007. Preliminary development work was completed in SCF laboratories, and was first tested in a purpose built pilot plant in Harlev near Copenhagen.

In 2006, a limited license agreement was signed by SCF with Grundfos Group for establishment of micro-scale facilities. A demonstration plant for micro-scale applications was designed and built for Grundfos by SCF Technologies’ engineers in 2008.

Altaca Energy, who had been following the development of CatLiq for a long time, took a strategic decision to acquire the IP rights covering all of CatLiq 's international patents and know-how, and also the pilot plant in Harlev, in 2011. Altaca Energy technical staff worked together with the Danish engineers on the dismantling of the pilot plant and the reinstalling / commissioning in the Gebze Organized Industry Technopark near Istanbul, in the same year.

Since acquiring the IP Rights, and installing the pilot plant in Gebze, Altaca Engineers have been working on further technological advances to both identify and eliminate weaknesses in the technology and, as a result, the efficiency of the process has been significantly improved. These improvements include the resolution of a problem with the decomposition of organic salts, the development of a new system for waste-water treatment and significant advances have been made to lighten the oil produced.