Disposal of organic household, industrial and agricultural wastes with economic methods without harming the environment, and without causing social problems, has become a major problem in parallel with the increase in population, industrialization and urbanization in recent years.

The main methods used in the disposal of organic wastes over the world are as follows:

Altaca Energy, licensed by Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, provides disposal services using the anaerobic digestion method in our environmentally friendly Gonen Renewable Energy Facilities. In particular, our organization can react quickly to provide economic solutions to eliminate agricultural waste and organic industrial waste.

Waste, not properly processed, causes underground and surface water pollution, reproduction of insects, the spread of bad odors to the environment, transport of microbes and can damage a company’s image. With the organic waste disposal methods used in our facilities, it is possible to eliminate all these problems. Our results:

• Organic wastes, which are rapidly growing, are recovered and kept in the ecosystem.

• Organic wastes, which have the risk of creating an environmental disaster when they are not processed properly, are being transformed into valuable resources, and a significant contribution to the economy is provided.

• Disposal of organic wastes is carried out at reasonable cost without incurring significant financing.

• Our work contributes to the development of environmental awareness to society as a whole. Often it is very important that a professional service is offered to customers to eliminate improper applications that can occur due to the lack of proper methods.