The first industrial application of CatLiq technology, developed and patented by Altaca Energy, has been implemented by Gonen Energy. The plant was designed and the detailed engineering was undertaken by Altaca Energy and built by Altaca Construction.


What is CatLiq?

CatLiq is a revolutionary nanotechnology process, which operates at supercritical conditions and converts organic waste and biomass into high quality bio-crude oil.

The basic principle of the technology is to break the ties between molecules under very high temperatures and very high pressures in an alkali environment and then with the help of the special and patented homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts realign C(Carbon) and H(Hydrogen) to form hydrocarbons – Crude Oil

Water and minerals are separated from the oil within the process.

Team Work

Altaca Energy engineers worked together with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Marmara Research Center) and Bosporus University in the development of the CatLiq Technology. The CatLiq Technology Development Project is officially supported by Turkish Government through their Technology and Innovation Support Programs Department program.


Gonen CatLiq Plant Raw Materials (Inputs)

• Biogas plant digestate

• Steam produced in biogas plant

• Forest waste, sewage sludge, agricultural waste, food plant waste, organic household waste, various biomass sources

Gonen CatLiq Plant Outputs

• Bio-Crude Oil

• Minerals (organic fertilizer raw material)

• Water (meeting discharge criteria)