This document describes the online privacy practices and policies for the Altaca Group of Companies.

The ALTACA GROUP OF COMPANIES does not collect any personal data of visitors on these websites and does not give any personal data to any third party.

When you communicate with the ALTACA GROUP of COMPANIES via e-mail, we will naturally take note of your name, e-mail address and message. However, this information will only be used to respond to your message.

The information in job applications will only be used for the job application process.

The ALTACA GROUP OF COMPANIES is committed to providing secure websites, but cannot guarantee the confidentiality of electronic communications.

Messages from our websites and e-mail messages are not encrypted. This needs to be taken into account when communicating sensitive information that is not publicly available, the use of our websites is solely the individual's own responsibility.

There are links to other websites on our websites and the ALTACA GROUP OF COMPANIES is not responsible for the privacy practices or contents of these sites.

ALTACA GROUP COMPANIES reserves the right to change the content of the websites. The Privacy Policy may also change accordingly.

This document is effective from 15 January 2016.