CatLiq (Catalytic Liquefaction) is a nanotechnology application used to convert organic waste and biomass to high quality bio-crude oil under supercritical conditions. The basic principle of this groundbreaking technology is to ensure formation of hydrocarbons, that is crude oil, by re-aligning Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H) atoms with the help of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts developed by our company, after breaking off the bonds between the molecules in an alkaline environment, under very high temperature, and very high pressure. Water and minerals released during the process are separated and taken out of the system. This ensures continuity of manufacturing and the quality of the final product.

CatLiq is a "net energy" production technology that produces 7 units of energy for every 1 unit of energy used in the process. CatLiq produces 5 times more energy from 1 unit of organic waste in comparison to the biogas process. Furthermore, unlike gasification technologies, that only give good results with dry materials, CatLiq is specifically optimized for low-value wet waste such as sewage sludge.